Orange Festive Bunting Flags -Door
Orange Festive Bunting Flags -Door

Product Code:BF 001
Dimension:Each Flag 4.5 inch L & 4 inch W
About Product :Introducing Bunting Fashion!
This bunting is a classic look for a festive look in your room - cotton fabrics in orange with laces, beads and triklets.
They have been sewn with one seam down the back and a triangular flap folded over this to give a lovely dimensional look.
This bunting could be hung up in Kids room or strung among the branches of a tree or bush to give a very festive and fun look. As they flow with wind the trinklets leaves a soft sound.
Other Specification:There are 6 flags measuring just under 4 inches wide and 4 and a half inches long. The total length of the flag portion is 1 meter with 2 inches on each end to use as ties.
Expected Delivery ( Days ):7

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