My mother inspires me, have seen her creating such beautiful handmade stuffs. We have worn her designer dresses all our childhood and college days. There are so many like my mom in many of the homes in India. I wish to reach them and all.
Creativity has no bounds. In this mechanical world when everything seems so fast and furious with the Machines, the joy of creating an Art is fast vanishing. Yet, we yearn to own something exclusive and beautiful, to stand out in the crowd.
Innovation is key to evolution! Twaksati is one such initiative which binds the traditional and the Modern art and artists. Anything created by Hands with passion will be an exclusive masterpiece. Either it is one or a hundred we make sure that the creator gets the true value of his/her art form. Here is an idea of manufacturing few but unique products all Handmade!
Twaksati wishes to create a platform for not only selling handmade wonders but also to create opportunities for the Artisans. Co creating an exciting atmosphere beyond the trade fairs and exhibitions. Artist empowerment, Workshops, trainings, addas, music, food et al with a pinch of covering the stories are in my bucket list.
My 15 years of experience, of working in various sectors has given me the edge to take the plunge into Twaksati. We wish to provide an awesome customer experience through Twaksati .
Our priority is to create self help groups for providing economic empowerment and to encourage the emerging generation to value art.
Hope you like our initiative and will be a proud owner of our Products!

I am an art enthusiast. Anything creative attracts me and would find out ways to recreate it. I have been making such creative fusions since childhood. It feels awesome when we see our ideas take shape into a beautiful object. Our India is full of such creativity. We can find Art and creative craft in almost every corners of the country be it Kashmir or Kanyakumari. With language the art form also changes. Amazing isnt it?
With Twaksati we would like to outreach our Global art lovers and show them the unique art and crafts of India. It is as much important for Artisans to get their due honor for what they create as the art lovers so simply treasure them.
We are not the business owner but an Art promoter!
Talk to us, give us ideas, own our products , help an Artisan or simply visit us. We would love to hear from you. Come explore with us.