Purple Pink wonder Earring
Purple Pink wonder Earring

Product Code:TFEQ005
Dimension:4.2 cm L
About Product :These Purple Pink round quill paper earrings are created from quilled paper rolls, glue and transparent acrylic varnish. Due to the bright colour and unique design, these earrings are very eye catching. If you want to stand out, these are your earrings.
Material: environmentally friendly, 100% TCF recyclable paper, glue, transparent acrylic varnish, metal elements.The extra light quilling earrings create a very clean and modern look.
Other Specification:Because of the unique qualities of quilling, no pair of earrings are exactly alike and the earrings you receive may differ slightly from the ones in the photographs. Please note that due to different screen settings, there might also be slight variations in colour.
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