Bell metal Glass
Bell metal Glass

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Dimension:12 cm L 6 cm W
About Product :The Bell metal Glass pair makes a unique gift for your loved ones. Often called Kansa, represents traditional Indian way of offering water, or beverage to guests to honour them.
This is an ancient craft being practiced by the artisans since the monarch dynasty. Bell Metal is an alloy of Copper. Bengal artisans achieved high degree of skill and dexterity in producing articles of Brass and Bell Metal. The specialty of artisans of Bankura, Bishnupur, Ghatal and Chandanpur in Midnapore, lies in their skill in moulding of household products including bigger items like Kalas in Brass or Bell Metal.
This pair of glass has a golden sheen can be used a home decor or for gifting. We are sure that you would also like to use it on special occassions. So go ahead and bring that uniqueness in your collections.
Other Specification:Bell metals when kept unattended for long tends to lose its shine. In such cases clean it with lemon or tamarind and buff with a dry muslin cloth.
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